Seamless FHA Roster Renewal

Seamless FHA Roster Renewal

In a recent story (Industry Snapshot), WRE reports that FHA and the Appraisal Subcommittee are working together to create a seamless renewal process for appraisers on the FHA Roster. According to Donna Tomposki, Director of the Home Valuation Policy Division within FHA’s Office of Single Family Program Development, the system works if an appraiser’s license/cert. number is an exact match to the National Registry at the (Appraisal Subcommittee). If so, the renewal will be reflected automatically on the FHA Appraiser Roster within 24 to 48 hours of when it is updated on the National Registry. “This process has proven to be very effective,” Tomposki says.  “As you can imagine, with the number of appraisers on the Roster and a limited staff to process renewals and new applications, the auto-renewal feature is a must.”

In response to that story WRE reader Colleen Herbert, asks, “I have seven appraisers and their FHA numbers are all different.  Some have dashes, some have dots, and some have extra letters in their prefix.  How do I make sure these two numbers match?” Here’s how, according to FHA.

1.  Establish a FHA Connection User ID and Password:
The appraiser would need to go to the FHA Connection at:
Under the heading Getting started, click on “Registering a New User.”
Scroll down to the category labeled “FHA-approved Appraiser” and click on the highlighted “Appraiser Registration” link. Remember your password, you will need it the next time you log on to FHA Connection. Fill out the Appraiser Registration page and click “send.”

FHA Connection will send your User ID by email from the mailbox.

2.  Have a copy of your current license or certification available to be scanned and uploaded into FHA Connection.

3.  Check your license or certification number on the National Registry of ASC.
Review your personal information listed on the Appraisal Subcommittee’s National Registry by going to Once at the main webpage, click on the link for the National Registry in the upper left corner, select standard query and then choose option 6 to search by your name and state.

Review the results of the search and ensure that the field labeled “AQB Compliant” indicates “Yes.”

Make sure that the license or certification date is accurate.

Important:  Note the number shown in the field labeled “Lic. Number” and make sure you enter your state-issued appraisal license or certification number in FHA Connection exactly as it appears in the National Registry.  An inexact match will result in an error message and you will not be able to proceed further.

Wait one business day.  You must wait one business day before beginning the license or certification renewal process in FHA Connection to ensure that any recently updated information in the National Registry database will properly interface with the FHA Connection.

4.  Update your license and any other information in FHA Connection. Scan a copy of your current license or certification into a single PDF file so that it can be uploaded into the FHA Connection.

Go to the FHA Connection at Select ‘ID Maintenance” from the top menu bar. When prompted, enter your FHAC User ID and password. From the ID Maintenance page select “Appraiser Roster.”

Once your record appears, you will be able to make edits.  Be sure to update any information that is out of date.

Make sure your license or certification number appears exactly as it does on the National Registry (both alphabetic and numeric characters).

When all information is correct, select “Send.”  Watch for the system to show a message at the top of the page that the transaction has been successfully completed.

Once your record has been successfully updated, you will appear as current on the FHA Appraiser Roster in the search box and selecting the first link entitled “FHA Appraiser Roster-HUD.”

Additional information can be found at by typing Appraiser Roster in the search box and selecting the first link entitled “FHA Appraiser Roster-HUD.”

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