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Industry News HVCC Update At press time, no changes have been announced regarding the landmark HVCC (Home Valuation Code of Conduct) provision in the Fannie-Cuomo agreement, despite the outcry from thousands of appraisers who believe it will put them out of business- except that the agreement date has pushed back one-three months from the original… Read More

Valuation Issues & Answers: Liability of Appraising REOs & Foreclosures

Question: I have been performing a lot of exterior drive-by appraisals for REOs and pre-foreclosure purposes. The intended use is not for any type of financial transaction but for estimating market value purposes only. What is the level of risk for these types of appraisals compared to purchases and refis? Typically these appraisals are for… Read More

FNC-Appraiser Firestorm (Again)

FNC, Inc. is once again at the center of a firestorm in the appraisal world– this time over a user agreement that appraisers fear signs away their E&O insurance coverage. Appraisers are required to authorize the agreement if they want to continue working with many of the nation’s largest lenders via AppraisalPort. While the agreement… Read More