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OCC: Lenders Responsible for AMCs

While it doesn’t directly address AMCs and the topic of agency, the OCC bulletin touches on many of the issues that concern appraisers who frequently find themselves performing work for lenders indirectly through third-parties representing the lenders, better known as AMCs. Read More

Positive Resolution to Chase Blacklisting Saga

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Nearly two years have passed since Working RE first reported the story of John Dingeman, an appraiser who faced the difficult choice of either violating USPAP's Confidentiality Section or suffering the wrath of JP Morgan Chase by refusing. Finally, this holiday season, there is some good news to share. Read More

Low Bid Appraisal: AMC Rebuttal

You may be interested to hear what (at least one) Appraisal Management Company (AMC) thinks about the effect of low-bid appraisal ordering on quality, the topic of last issue’s News Edition (Low Bid Appraisal Ordering and Its Effect on Quality). Read More