Lender Paying Appraisers Stiffed by AppraiserLoft

Editor’s Note: Hundreds, possibly thousands of appraisers are left with unpaid invoices as a result of AppraiserLoft shutting its doors; now one major lender is stepping up and paying up. Lender Paying Appraisers Stiffed by AppraiserLoft By Isaac Peck, Assistant Editor The argument is unsettled to what degree lenders are responsible for the agents they… Read More

Explanation of HOEPA Loan

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Explanation of HOEPA Loan Attribute to a staffer for Congressman Miller The term “predatory lending” encompasses a variety of practices. Oftentimes homeowners in certain communities, particularly the elderly and minorities, are targeted with offers of high-cost, home-secured credit. The loans carry high up-front fees and may be based on the homeowners’ equity in their homes,… Read More