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Roof Vents: List of Articles I Recommend 
by Reuben Saltzman 


Below is a list of articles I recommend, as seen in my article Roof Vents: Problems and Solutions. Which you can read in Issue 18 of Working RE Home Inspector.

  • Green Building Advisor: All About Attic Ventilation – this article looks at all of the reasons that attic venting is required, and goes on to say they’re all ho-hum reasons. I completely agree. Read Here.
  • Building Science Corporation: Understanding Attic Ventilation – a discussion of vented vs. unvented attics. Read Here.
  • Building Research Council-School of Architecture: Early History of Attic Ventilation – A long explanation of why our current rules for attic ventilation are arbitrary. This is a fascinating read which starts out by explaining “The attic ventilation ratio ‘1/300’ is an arbitrary number selected by the writers of FHA (1942) with no citations or references”. Read Here.

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