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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Inspector’s Discussion and Resource Page

To help you stay informed and connected, this page includes resources regarding the latest news, industry guidelines, and resources regarding the rapidly changing situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We encourage you to comment below and share your experiences so far operating in the current environment.

Are you still performing inspections? What precautions (if any) are you taking? Do you have any advice for your fellow inspectors?

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Resources for Inspectors:

Statement from ASHI President Mike Wagner

ASHI’s COVID-19 State Update Map

OREP E&O Insurance



Comments (7)

  1. Here in central shoreline CT I have stopped doing inspections due to the current health issue. We are standing by to determine when it may be reasonable to start back up….
    It was a twofold decision to stop. My wife and I are in our 60’s, and she is immune compromised… That aside, not only do we wish to not be infected, you can be a carrier for weeks and not know it. We would be devastated if we inadvertently took this to innocent homeowners…. we usually do 10 inspections a week… do the math. For now we feel Stay Home, Stay Safe is the best for our families, clients, and the country!

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  2. Health Concern Update

    Due to continued health concerns for you, our clients and me personally I am temporarily establishing the “New Normal” for Home Inspections that I perform.
    I wanted to send you a quick note about the best way I can support your ability to continue business in this restrictive environment and Social Distancing during the Coronavirus Pandemic and keep all parties at minimal risk. My focus is to help the communication of the property condition as well as the client’s concerns and questions. We need for all to be properly informed so the client is comfortable and you as the agent can negotiate the best scenario for your client.
    1) I do have a SentraCard but in many cases I need a Call Before Showing (CBS) code from the listing agent. I need access to the property, either run by and let me in, get me the CBS Code, send a one day code directly to my cell, have the listing agent put a combo lockbox and send me the code or if the seller is home they can let me in.
    2) If you wish to attend the full inspection, bring something to keep busy while I am inspecting, and I will give you the “Highlights” at the end. If you do not want to attend but still want to stop in at the end for the “Highlights” that is great also.
    3) Instruct your clients ahead of time that they WILL NOT BE ATTENDING the full inspection for their safety as well as yours, mine and the seller (weather the house is occupied or not). Please mention the High-Resolution pictures and 30 – 40 page detailed report they will be receiving. Following are the options depending on their comfort level and experiences with previous homes:
    a. Client attends virtually through Skype, WhatsApp or etc. at the end for the summery.
    b. Client does not attend and we can handle follow up calls or communication through the apps after client receives the report.
    c. Client stops by in person at the end for the summery – wait in car/outside until I come out and get them. I will send out an e-mail the evening before the inspection telling you and the client what time to show up at the end (depending on the size of the property) or about what time we can communicate.
    4) AS ALWAYS I will be available to you or the client for calls or any additional paperwork after the inspection.
    5) Instruct Listing Agents to tell sellers that are at home they cannot follow the inspector around and should stay comfortable is a room of their choice or go for a nice walk in the park for a few hours.
    Thank You for requesting me and for passing my name along to your clients as well as your peers.

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  3. In Alabama the housing industry is still ranked essential. We are wide open. However I have taken a course on InterNachi to certify my inspectors as COVID-19 aware. We take specific precautions in an inspection

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  4. Here in TN it is business as usual. Home Inspectors are considered essential business as a part of the real estate transaction. I use a lot of gloves, disinfectant, shoe covers, face mask and prayer.

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  5. Real Estate has come to a halt and the phone has gone dead.
    Governor of Mass with good reason has shut down non essential commerce.
    Can’t wait until it is safe for us to work and enter peoples homes.
    Good time to further educate ourselves so that we can better serve out clients.

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