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Appraisers E&O: $455 (minimum premium certain sates)
Appraisers enjoy same-day E&O insurance coverage (most cases) with an A++ carrier and other benefits through OREP. Instant financing is available.

Individual Appraiser E&O Rates

Per Claim/Annual Aggregate Most States
$1,000,000 / $2,000,000 $650.00
$500,000 / $1,000,000 $573.00
$300,000 / $600,000 $501.00

Please Note: Rates vary by state. Commercial rates are slightly higher. Please call or visit for more (888-347-5273).

A standard deductible of $500 per claim/$1,000 aggregate is included with each policy. Prior acts coverage is provided free for qualified applicants (call for details). Beginning appraisers/trainees qualify. If you would like an application for this program or a quote for a multiple-appraiser firm or for sales/brokering, please call or visit OREP: (888) 347-5273 Subscription to Working RE Magazine included. Financing available.

Appraiser E&O Options

  • Combine Appraising, RE Sales and Brokering: One low premium covers both appraising and sales/brokering. Firm coverage includes all appraisers/agents: $429-$600 (most states)
  • Appraisal Firm Coverage: If you are experiencing an increase in rates, a decrease in coverage or new exclusions that seem unreasonable, it pays to shop OREP when your firm’s E&O policy is expiring. Many firms are switching to OREP.
  • AMCs: Many appraisal management companies are forming in the wake of HVCC. If you need this additional coverage, OREP can help.
  • Retiring: If you are retiring from appraising, ask your insurance agent about purchasing extended reporting Period or “tail” coverage. Without it, you are exposed for any liability that may arise from past appraisals. Premiums range from one to one-and-one-half times (100%–150%) your last year’s premium and can provide coverage forever into the future for past appraisals. Each program is unique. Call your agent for details if you are planning to retire.
  • Trainees: You qualify for the same low rates with OREP.

Call or visit today: • (888) 347-5273 •

Learn UAD: Approved CE
McKissock Education has created a continuing education course on the UAD, called Introduction to the Uniform Appraisal Dataset, for both online and onsite delivery. The course provides an overview of the UMDP and specific information on the requirements of the UAD. The reasons behind the creation of UMDP are explored, and the benefits to appraisers are enumerated. Key terms will be defined, including the many acronyms that are associated with the UMDP. General information about the UAD will be addressed, including its implementation date, types of loans that require UAD compliance, report form types included in the initiative, and USPAP obligations related to intended users and report content. Finally, the specific requirements of UAD are addressed in depth, with reference to specific Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac publications and guidance. Examples of compliant and non-compliant language in reports will be provided. The course is offered at a discount to OREP insureds and others at (Click Benefits and follow link to Mckissock/OREP website for description, signup an discount.)

Continuing Education at Cost
“The class was great and the price was even better.  Please let me know if you any others discounted classes.” Thanks, Eric

Appraisers and Agents: Online McKissock course, Essential Elements of Disclosures and Disclaimers ($79/5 hrs. approved continuing education in most states), is available to OREP Members/Affiliates for administrative costs ($15.64). The purpose of the course is to provide appraisers with the tools to meet their disclosure obligations, while at the same time protecting them from unintended liability through the use of appropriate disclaimers. How and where must an appraiser disclose prior services provided on the subject property within the prior three years?  How should repair items be disclosed in an FHA appraisal report?  How should significant real property appraisal assistance be disclosed?  How can an appraiser protect himself or herself when there appears to be mold in the basement? This course provides the essential elements of disclosures and disclaimers in appraisal reports. Every appraiser will benefit from this course. (Visit and click on OREP Education Network)

Inspectors: Online Mckissock course Home Inspection Safety ($45/3 hrs. ASHI, NAHI, NACHI approved and also by 15 states), is available at administrative costs to OREP Members and Affiliates (ASHI, NAHI, NACHI: $5.74; varies by state).  See Home Inspection – Staying Safe out There for more information from the course inspector/author by Peter Hawley. The objectives of the course are to: identify protective clothing that should be worn, recognize safety equipment used, understand limitations and exclusions, discuss general safety issues, recognize lead paint, asbestos, etc., discuss electrical safety, understand, heating and air conditioning precautions, recognize un-permitted additions and more. (Visit and click on OREP Education Network)

Mortgage Field/Property Preservation
Many appraisers and home inspectors are now providing mortgage field and property preservation services for bank-owned properties. OREP has provided E&O and GL insurance to this industry for over 8 years and is a leader in the field. If you’d like a quote, please call or visit, (888) 347-5273.

Working RE/ Webinar Series and WRE introduce a new webinar series hosted by experts and designed to expand your knowledge and increase your productivity and bottom line- at prices that make sense. Tentative fall lineup includes: Maximize AMC Orders and Income. Schedules will be announced in Working RE’s Online Edition, stay tuned for the Spring 2012 schedule (Opt in at You can also visit (click Recorded Webinars) or email with “webinar schedule” in subject.

Inspectors E&O Insurance: $1,250 Covers one or Multiple Inspectors New Streamlined Application
“Thank you very much for your very efficient and professional service. I can not believe how quickly you put this together. It has been a pleasure working with you.” —Joel Kunkel, Home Star Inspection Services

If you haven’t shopped OREP, chances are you are paying too much for E&O insurance. The policy is offered by an “A” Rated carrier and covers all inspectors in your company, including independent contractors. Save money and time with OREP!

Coverage Includes: Additional Insured Endorsement for Agents and other referring parties, termite and radon coverage, coverage for commercial inspections, pool, septic and new construction/code compliance! Includes coverage for energy auditing.

Financing is available. Prior acts for qualified applicants; low-cost Premises Liability and General Liability are available. Before you write your check for E&O this year, you owe it to yourself to shop OREP. Join the hundreds of inspectors who have switched to OREP. Call or visit for details and a quote: (888) 347-5273 or Agent David Brauner, Calif. Insurance Lic. #0C89873.

Group Health Care – No Application/Limitations for Pre-Existing Conditions
California residents qualify for programs offered through Kaiser Permanente, Allied National and United Healthcare. These plans are available to real estate professionals on a guaranteed issue basis. Eligibility is accomplished by being a member/affiliate member of a real estate association/board. Kaiser Permanente offers eleven plans including the new Tax Advantaged Health Savings Account Plans. United Healthcare offers three HMO and four PPO plans, including a Tax Advantaged Health Savings Account.  Allied National offers four Limited Benefit PPO Plans that offer highly affordable first dollar coverage including doctor office and emergency room visits and prescription drugs.  These plans are available to California residents only through OREP (OREP membership not required). Please visit or email with medical benefits in the subject. A qualified agent will call to go over the options.

2013 Appraisal Management Company Resource Guide
Updated Guide authored by an appraiser for appraisers and marketed through Working RE/ Over 300 Verified AMCs. First 40 listed send 90% of the author’s work. National management companies. Verified companies that send orders. The author personally verifies and signs up to each company listed and calls to verify immediate need for appraisers. Vendor specific errors to avoid are listed so you make fewer mistakes from the beginning and get more repeat orders. Author emails customers with new companies when added.

Top techniques to generate more revenue included. Appraiser Marketing Guide Included: Guide lays out all the details on how to get signed up with the appraisal management companies and information on creating top ranking websites. Order the guide today and receive a free search engine optimized website built by internet marketing specialists. For more and to order, click here or email with AMC guide info in the body or subject.

Do you Need General Liability Insurance?
A Business Owner’s/General Liability Policy has been compared to a homeowner’s policy for your business. Coverage includes but is not limited to Property Damage to others, Bodily Injury, Business Interruption and Loss of Income coverage, Personal Property Coverage (computers, client records, buildings) and employee dishonesty. Inspectors, appraisers and real estate agents/brokers need this coverage. Minimum premium is $500. Workers Comp also available (appraisers/agent/brokers). Call for details and a free quote (888) 347-5273 or email: with your request.

Do You Value Working RE Magazine?
If you value holding this magazine in your hands when you read it and would like to guarantee the delivery of every print issue to you, you can subscribe at (click Join WRE) or send an email to with “Subscribe” in the subject. The cost is $50 for 4 issues with these additional benefits included: discount on the FHA Guide ($9 discount), AMC Resource Guide ($10 discount), OREP/Working RE Webinar Series (discount pricing), access to the Working RE library with hundreds of premium content stories online, bundled packages of approved continuing education at a discount (save hundreds) and the course Essential Elements of Disclosures and Disclaimers at cost (5 hrs. approved CE/save over $60), corporate pricing on goods and services (save hundreds a year), access to group medical (no application required) and more. For more, go to and click “Join WRE.” Note: These benefits, including each issue of Working RE print delivered to your door, are included free when you purchase your E&O insurance from OREP (see page 3). Compare rates, enjoy personal service and save with these additional discounts and benefits.

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