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Readers Respond AMC Fails, Appraisers Stiffed Push your state’s licensing board to adopt North Carolina’s system which states that an AMC that doesn’t pay for the appraisal within 30 days of the report being submitted (not addendums or requests for more comps), risks losing their N.C. registration. – posted to OREP/WRE Appraiser Talkback Blog This… Read More

From the Publisher

From the Publisher Reward, Risk and Bankrupt AMCs The extent of my business savvy is pretty simple: make more money than you spend.  So it’s hard for me to imagine a reasonable scenario in which Evaluation Solutions/ES Appraisal Services (ES) can go out of business owing appraisers and real estate agents $11 million. Neither, by...… Read More

Pressure, Subtle Influence and Plausible Deniability

Editor’s Note: Appraisers report that despite tough new appraisal independence laws, lenders, AMCs and others haven’t stopped trying to influence the process- they’re just being more careful about covering their tracks.  Fraud expert Richard Hagar, SRA, explains how to protect yourself and your independence. Pressure, Subtle Influence and Plausible Deniability by Isaac Peck, Associate Editor...… Read More

Stiffed Appraisers Go After Chase

// Stiffed Appraisers Go After Chase by Isaac Peck In January, Evaluation Solutions/ES Appraisal Services (ESA) declared bankruptcy, leaving thousands of real estate appraisers, agents, and brokers with unpaid invoices for work performed. With close to nine million dollars in unpaid invoices for appraisals and broker price opinions (BPOs), it is the worst of a...… Read More

Agents/Brokers – About “Low” Appraisals

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Editor’s Note: Appraiser and real estate broker Justin T. Stevens looks at the issue of “low appraisals” from both sides of the fence. This story first appeared in Working RE’s Agent/Broker News Edition. About “Low” Appraisals by Justin T. Stevens There are well-supported appraisals that come in low, and then there are poorly prepared appraisals… Read More

E&O Insurance – Insurance: Insight and Advice from the Inside

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Editor’s Note: David Brauner is Senior Broker at David Brauner Insurance Services/ and Editor of Working RE Magazine. He has been providing E&O insurance to appraisers and home inspectors for 20 years. In this interview, he provides insight and advice from the inside on rates, claims, disciplinary actions, coverage and more. Insurance: Insights and Advice… Read More