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Appraisers & Gramm-Leach-Bliley

Appraisers & Gramm-Leach-Bliley By Pat Butler Most appraisers have heard of Gramm-Leach-Bliley (Privacy Act) but few understand their obligations under the Act. Appraisers have disclosure obligations under Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GBL) when they are hired directly by a consumer to conduct an appraisal. Compliance means disclosing to the client whether any of their nonpublic personal information will...… Read More

The Appraisal Foundation Appoints New National Board

The Appraisal Foundation Appoints New National Board The Appraisal Practices Board will be officially constituted July 1, 2010 The purpose of the ABP is to issue voluntary timely guidance to appraisers on emerging valuation issues that are occurring in the marketplace. This guidance will assist appraisers, appraiser regulators and educators. The new Board will enlist… Read More

Appraisers Put AVM Zillow to the Test

Editor’s Note: Appraiser Sean Heath and others test out the new AVM Zillow and caution that while the name may be on everyone’s lips, let the zill-er (consumer) beware. That said, the results are far from black and white. Appraisers Put AVM Zillow to the Test by Sean Heath It seems that the quickest way...… Read More

Customary and Reasonable Fees – Still Breathin’

Staff from the Federal Reserve Board recently requested survey results from the RE Customary and Reasonable Fee Survey, with over 16,500 appraisers participating. Why? Because customary and reasonable fees and other issues related to the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Legislation are not settled, according to the Federal Reserve, who is tasked with implementing the law-… Read More

Appraiser Magazine News – Your #1 Source of Real Estate Appraiser Information

Real Estate Appraiser Information Working RE Magazine is the #1 source of real estate appraiser information and appraisal news. We are committed to reporting relevant and timely appraisal news for real estate appraisers nationwide. Working RE is the only appraiser magazine that is delivered to the majority of the industry in print and is published quarterly.… Read More