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How Appraisers Measure

As appraisers and review appraisers, some of us have seen fellow appraisers relying on building area size data from leases, the local assessor’s offices, property managers, developers, blueprints, etc. The whole key and foundation for an accurate appraisal is calculating the measurements and quantities correctly. Outlined below are a few examples of when problems may… Read More

AMC “Recovery Fund” for Appraisers First of Its Kind

Editor’s Note: Here are details on a new “recovery” fund designed for appraisers who are owed money by bankrupt AMCs. AMC “Recovery Fund” for Appraisers First of Its Kind by David Brauner, Editor More than one appraisal management company (AMC) has shuttered its doors owing millions of dollars to appraisers in unpaid fees- now one… Read More