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Successful Report Writing

Report Writing: Doing it Better to Better Your Business By: Alan Carson, Carson Dunlop Introduction We all like inspecting houses. It’s fun and challenging and we are really good at seeing things that mere mortals can’t. The “show and tell” with clients is rewarding, and the appreciation they feel at the end of the process… Read More

Appraisers Respond: Cert #23

Editor’s Note: The following is reaction to our story: Fannie offers Cert #23 “Fix” & More. Appraisers Respond: Cert #23 Big Bad Fannie If you play Family Feud and one of your partners gives a stupid answer to a question, most everyone on your panel knows its stupid but they applaud, scream, and cheer anyway. If… Read More

Customary and Reasonable Fees: Making Your Case

The good news for appraisers is that the Financial Reform legislation recently signed into law puts teeth into its mandate that appraisers be paid fees that are “customary and reasonable.” Now what? The “bite” that Congress provided is wording which states that “such fees may be established by objective third-party information, such as government agency fee… Read More

Employee or Contractor?

Employee or Contractor? You (Don’t) Make the Call – IRS Does Editor’s Note: Several appraisers in California recently reported that the Employment Development Department (tax collectors) in their area is targeting appraisal offices looking for independent contractors where, in their judgment, “employees” should be. And theirs is the only opinion that counts. The consequences are… Read More

Lender Paying Appraisers Stiffed by AppraiserLoft

Editor’s Note: Hundreds, possibly thousands of appraisers are left with unpaid invoices as a result of AppraiserLoft shutting its doors; now one major lender is stepping up and paying up. Lender Paying Appraisers Stiffed by AppraiserLoft By Isaac Peck, Assistant Editor The argument is unsettled to what degree lenders are responsible for the agents they… Read More

Mobile Appraising: Saving Both Time and Money

Mobile Appraising: Saving Both Time and Money By Dustin Harris, “The Appraiser Coach” Appraisers who are truly ‘mobile’ are using laser measurers, tablet PCs or smartphones, and software to upload reports remotely to the office to be more competitive- to save time and money. As I travel the country mentoring various appraisal business owners, I… Read More

Customary and Reasonable Fees – Still Breathin’

Staff from the Federal Reserve Board recently requested survey results from the OREP.org/Working RE Customary and Reasonable Fee Survey, with over 16,500 appraisers participating. Why? Because customary and reasonable fees and other issues related to the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Legislation are not settled, according to the Federal Reserve, who is tasked with implementing the law-… Read More