Working RE - Winter Spring 2022



Issue 58 Working RE Winter Spring 2022
Find these articles in the new edition.
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• Discrimination Claims on the Rise
• Desktop Appraisal to Become the New Norm
• Appraising in a “Crazy” Market
• Driving Comps Survey: Appraisers Speak Out
• USPAP v. Everyone Else
• Trainee Survey Results
• Reporting Requirements of USPAP
• Disruptive Technology and Appraisers
• Stairway to Confusion
• Professional Marketplace
• Industry News

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Comments (2)

  1. “Waivers, AVMs and Desk Appraisals”
    And they wonder why there is a lack of people wanting to become appraisers…..

    - Reply
  2. How did this turn into a ‘driving’ comps discussion? The problem is taking the photos, not driving past the comps. Kudos to lenders, big and small, that let appraisers use MLS photos with a comment. The next survey needs to be about taking comp photos which is dangerous and often misleading because the improvements may be completely different from when the house actually sold. How many stories, in this office alone, do we have about almost getting killed by traffic, chased by a neighbor, pulled over by police for taking comp photos? Plenty. We can’t always have a sign on the vehicle. If there are children in the area, we’re not taking pictures and if you have children you’ll understand that. If the house is on a busy road with no pullover area, we’re not getting killed by oncoming traffic to slow down for a photo. If we can safely take a photo without imposition, fine. But we should always be able to use an MLS photo with a comment confirming that we observed the sale from the road. The MLS photos are a good representation of that property at the time of sale anyway.

    - Reply

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