Working RE Summer 2014



WRE, Working RE Magazine, Appraiser News, Appraiser Magazine, Real Estate Appraisers, Volume 35

Working RE Summer 2014
Find these articles in the new edition of Working RE. OREP insureds enjoy the print magazine included with their member benefits.

• State Board Moves to Curb Frivolous Complaints
• Smoking Gun Allows Appraiser to Sue over Blacklisting
• Highest and Best Use Analysis
• 12,346 Appraisal Failures Every Week
• Blacklisted for Refusing Low Fees
• Appraisal Board Complaints: You Can’t Fight City Hall…Or Can You?
• Home Inspectors: Why Effective Communication is Your Best Defense
• Home Inspectors: Pricing Your Services—Strategies and Considerations
• Industry News
• Professional Marketplace


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