Understanding Q&C Ratings

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     “I took the Blacklisting webinar today and was not prepared for that information. I just took 28 hours of education the past 2 months, several of which were courses on the latest issues, the newest UAD developments, etc. None of the courses mentioned any of this. This is going to turn this profession upside down. That webinar on blacklisting this morning is the biggest surprise I’ve had in a long time. It’s very disturbing.” -V. Rose

“Richard did a very good job as usual.” – Jo Ann Meyer Stratton,  IFA,  SRA



Understanding Quality and Control Ratings

Presented by: Richard Hagar, SRA
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Fannie Mae is ramping up AQM which means increasing numbers of warning letters are being sent to appraisers for incorrectly or inconsistently applying Quality and Condition (Q&C) ratings across their appraisal reports.

Reviews indicate that appraisers are failing to consistently apply the right Quality Rating to subjects and comparables. As a result appraisers are subject to “gray” or “blacklisting” by Fannie Mae’s new AQM system. State boards are also beginning to file complaints against appraisers alleging incorrect Q&C ratings, making it more important than ever for appraisers to have a clear understanding of how to determine and apply Q&C ratings.

Richard Hagar shows appraisers how to navigate Fannie’s Q&C rating system and stay out of trouble with state boards and Fannie Mae.


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