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WRE Issues

Industry News Appraisal Friendly Legislation (Taken from the story Working the System-In a Good Way, first published in Working RE Online News Edition.) Appraisers have some work to do. As you may know, H.R. 4173, which passed the House (See HVCC: Appraiser Last Laugh), has numerous appraisal provisions including the termination of the HVCC (Home… Read More

Five Ways to Grow Business (Online)

Editor’s Note: Social media expert and appraiser Bill Cobb offers tips on using new technology to solve an old problem: increasing business. Five Ways to Grow Business (Online) by William D. Cobb Here are five ways to attract visitors to your self-hosted real estate appraisal blog to grow business! 1. Establish your appraisal Twitter account… Read More

Mapping for Success with Google

Editor’s Note: Matt Krodel shares a simple and cost free trick to increase business by landing your website in the “Maps” area of Google’s search results. Mapping for Success with Google by Matt Krodel, Product Manager at a la mode Whether we’re talking to real estate appraisers, real estate agents, loan originators or home inspectors,...… Read More

Appraiser: I’m No Home Inspector

Appraiser Tony Bamert, Bamert & Associates, Champaign, IL, feels he’s been asked to assume some new and unwanted responsibilities on recent appraisal orders and wonders if his are isolated concerns or issues other appraisers are grappling with as well. “Traditionally, with any conventional appraisal, I’m not asked to touch the mechanical systems in a home in… Read More

Growing Appraisal Business – Your Way

Editor’s Note: Appraiser Lore DeAstra shows you how to change, grow and succeed. Growing Appraisal Business – Your Way By Lore DeAstra, MBA, SRA, CDEI, CTM Over the past several years, the volume of requests in many appraisal offices has dramatically decreased. While the current economic and regulatory climates have contributed to this phenomenon, another...… Read More

Readers Respond

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WRE Issues

Editor’s Note: Find many more comments at the OREP/Working RE HVCC Appraiser Talkback Blog. Note: many of the comments are taken from the survey and blog and are therefore anonymous. HVCC Survey Results: Appraisers Still Feel Pressure I just got off the phone with a major AMC. I called them to complain that it doesn’t… Read More

From the Publisher

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WRE Issues

From the Publisher Defining “Customary and Reasonable” Fees What’s all the fuss about customary and reasonable fees? FHA wrote into recent regulations that appraisers should be paid fees that are fair; customary and reasonable is the language they use. FHA did this in response to feedback that pressure for low fees from appraisal management companies… Read More