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Conversation with Fannie Mae

Robert Murphy, Director, Property Valuation & Eligibility at Fannie Mae, says appraisers are being held to a higher standard these days, thanks to the Uniform Mortgage Data Program and Uniform Appraisal Dataset, better known as UAD.  Here’s what you should know.   Read More

Six Ways to Stay Out of Trouble

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Click to Read Current Issue >> Click to Print >>Am I a Working RE Subscriber? >> SEO-Enhanced Appraiser Websites                 Editor’s Note: This story first appeared in Working RE, Spring 2013. Click here for subscription details. Six Ways to Stay Out of Trouble by Larry Disney My first… Read More

Appraiser Magazine News – Your #1 Source of Real Estate Appraiser Information

Real Estate Appraiser Information Working RE Magazine is the #1 source of real estate appraiser information and appraisal news. We are committed to reporting relevant and timely appraisal news for real estate appraisers nationwide. Working RE is the only appraiser magazine that is delivered to the majority of the industry in print and is published quarterly.… Read More

Full-Fee Marketing Guide & Directory

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Full Fee Work

Full-Fee (No AMC) Marketing Guide & Directory Avoid the Middleman: More Full Fee Appraisals, Fewer Hassles The Appraiser Marketing Guide and Directory has 9,500+ Credit Unions, 675+ Direct Lenders, and 550+ Bail Bond Companies that don’t require the use of an AMC! This guide shows you how to work directly with clients, get paid full-fees,… Read More