Surviving the Slowdown

> The Appraiser Coach > AMC Guide > OREP E&O ★★★★★ “They are knowledgeable, professional, and understand urgency.” – Joe Thweatt Surviving the Slowdown by Kendra Budd, Editor Interest rates are up and appraisal work is down. “Real estate is cyclical,” is the adage often repeated by appraiser old-timers. Buckle up, they say, here comes… Read More

Inspecting in a Slowing Market

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Home Inspectors

> E&O/GL Insurance for Home InspectorsCompetitive Rates, Broad Coverage,Free Risk Management, online inspectionsupport for tough questions, discountson education and more... Professional Coverage, Competitive PricingShop OREP today!   Inspecting in a Slowing Market by Isaac Peck, Senior Broker at It’s no secret that the real estate market has slowed down. Rapidly rising interest rates, uncertainty… Read More

Agents/Brokers – About “Low” Appraisals

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Editor’s Note: Appraiser and real estate broker Justin T. Stevens looks at the issue of “low appraisals” from both sides of the fence. This story first appeared in Working RE’s Agent/Broker News Edition. About “Low” Appraisals by Justin T. Stevens There are well-supported appraisals that come in low, and then there are poorly prepared appraisals… Read More

E&O Insurance – Insurance: Insight and Advice from the Inside

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Editor’s Note: David Brauner is Senior Broker at David Brauner Insurance Services/ and Editor of Working RE Magazine. He has been providing E&O insurance to appraisers and home inspectors for 20 years. In this interview, he provides insight and advice from the inside on rates, claims, disciplinary actions, coverage and more. Insurance: Insights and Advice… Read More