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“EDI” Open Standard Arrives

“EDI” Open Standard Arrives Anyone remember EDI? It was the often discussed “standard” for transmitting appraisal reports electronically that was always in development and right around the corner (for about six years). Without much fanfare, an open standard for describing property and appraisals, using XML markup language, has recently been ratified by the Mortgage Bankers...… Read More

Sending PDF Appraisals – How to Hit a Home Run Every Time

Sending PDF Appraisals How to Hit a Home Run Every Time By David Biggers, CEO of a la mode I’m writing this article while at Cooperstown Dream Park, which hosts week-long baseball tournaments for 12-year old kids, just outside of Cooperstown, New York, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  It’s a unique experience...… Read More

Appraisal & Identity Security Solution

Appraisal & Identity Security Solution by Stephen Nation, Executive Vice President of NATION Technologies, LLC Before the Internet and email, the appraisal business was largely a relationship-centered business conducted between appraisers and lenders or their agents. Relationships were primarily local and often conducted over a handshake. There was often a high level of confidence in knowing… Read More

Setting Fees: How Much are You Worth?

May, 2009 - This article, first published in 2007, seems more important today than ever. In my opinion, artificially low appraisal fees are the number one threat to the appraisal industry today. The HVCC has ushered in additional concerns about fees in our industry. Oddly, most of the blame for low fees lies with appraisers,… Read More

Mobile Appraising: Saving Both Time and Money

Mobile Appraising: Saving Both Time and Money By Dustin Harris, “The Appraiser Coach” Appraisers who are truly ‘mobile’ are using laser measurers, tablet PCs or smartphones, and software to upload reports remotely to the office to be more competitive- to save time and money. As I travel the country mentoring various appraisal business owners, I… Read More