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Workers comp, auto, general liability/property and umbrella coverages are now available to you from CNA Insurance and OREP in addition to errors and omissions insurance. Competitive rates and quick, efficient online quoting are available nationwide for appraisers, agents/brokers and certain other professions. Please call or email for a free quote: (888) 347-5273,

Appraisers E&O: $455 (minimum premium certain sates)
Appraisers enjoy same-day E&O insurance coverage (most cases) with an A++ carrier and other benefits through OREP. Instant financing is available.

Individual Appraiser E&O Rates

Per Claim/Annual Aggregate Most States
$1,000,000 / $2,000,000 $590.00
$500,000 / $1,000,000 $520.00
$300,000 / $600,000 $455.00

Please Note: Rates vary by state. Commercial rates are slightly higher. Please call or visit for more (888-347-5273).

A standard deductible of $500 per claim/$1,000 aggregate is included with each policy. Prior acts coverage is provided free for qualified applicants (call for details). Beginning appraisers/trainees qualify. If you would like an application for this program or a quote for a multiple-appraiser firm or for sales/brokering, please call or visit OREP: (888) 347-5273 Subscription to Working RE Magazine included. Financing available.

Appraiser E&O options
Combine Appraising, RE Sales and Brokering: One low premium covers both appraising and sales/brokering. Firm coverage includes all appraisers/agents: $429-$600 (most states)
Appraisal Firm Coverage: If you are experiencing an increase in rates, a decrease in coverage or new exclusions that seem unreasonable, it pays to shop OREP when your firm’s E&O policy is expiring. Many firms are switching to OREP.
AMCs: Many appraisal management companies are forming in the wake of HVCC. If you need this additional coverage, OREP can help.
Retiring: If you are retiring from appraising, ask your insurance agent about purchasing extended reporting Period or “tail” coverage. Without it, you are exposed for any liability that may arise from past appraisals. Premiums range from one to one-and-one-half times (100%–150%) your last year’s premium and can provide coverage forever into the future for past appraisals. Each program is unique. Call your agent for details if you are planning to retire.
Trainees: You qualify for the same low rates with OREP.

Call or visit today: • (888) 347-5273 •

Solution: Protecting Appraisals & Identity
New technology allows appraisers to accurately associate their identity and credentials to an unalterable “true copy” appraisal report using fingerprint technology. The system provides guaranteed assurance of the authentication, security and accountability of appraisal reports without impeding existing technology. Clients can limit their liability and have certainty that the appraisals they receive are secure and authenticated and were created by an accurately-identified and properly credentialed appraiser. See Appraisal Security for more.

Continuing Education Packages (up to 49 hours)
50 States, 30 Titles, Classroom/Homestudy

Appraisers and agents can now satisfy continuing education requirements online and/or in the classroom in 50 states with reduced-fee packages of continuing education (up to 49 hours), including the seven-hour USPAP Update course. The coursework is offered through the OREP Education Network and McKissock Education. Signup just takes minutes. Visit, click OREP Benefits and then OREP Education Network to see what’s available in your state and for the discounts or e-mail for instructions. OREP members and others save on these special packages and on all coursework.

Appraisal firm E&O Coverage
Many appraisal firms are surprised to learn how much they can save by shopping OREP. If your firm’s E&O policy is expiring, it pays to shop OREP for a quote. If you are experiencing an increase in rates, a decrease in coverage or new exclusions that seem unreasonable, call OREP today for a fast, competitive quote.

FHA Appraising Simplified – FHA Appraiser Inspection Course, Checklist and eManual
Just Updated – 23 Pages of New Material! Updates Free for One Year after Purchase
FHA appraisals are booming, given the current market conditions. Better yet for appraisers, FHA work is not subject to HVCC which means these appraisals are still full fee. This new FHA Appraiser Inspection Course, Checklist and eManual is designed to get you up to speed on FHA appraising (no continuing education credit is available at this time). The course explains how to complete the two page checklist line by line. The Checklist serves as a field guide for completing your reports. The eManual saves you time and money by summarizing and organizing the material you need to know. Author/appraiser Lore DeAstra says, “We reviewed more than 450 pages of HUD materials and spoke with several HUD officials to compile the FHA Appraiser Inspection Form, course materials, and eManual. It will save you time and money.”

“The eManual is written for the appraiser needing to know the latest FHA requirements. It is concise, yet contains all the newest appraisal requirements that are scattered throughout the volumes of FHA manuals, letters, etc. The included FHA Appraiser Inspection Checklist is a short two pages and still a reminder of those unusual situations not usually encountered. This will keep the appraiser from omitting required items and having to return to the subject property.” —C. Pierce. MAI, Appraiser +30 Yrs – Detroit, Michigan.

The FHA Appraiser Inspection Course, Checklist and eManual is $49 ($40 for OREP insureds). To order, please go to and click FHA Inspection Course, Checklist and eManual under the Resources tab. Your FHA Inspection Course, Checklist and eManual will arrive within one business day via e-mail.

Inspectors: $1,250 Covers one or Multiple Inspectors New Streamlined Application
“Thank you very much for your very efficient and professional service. I can not believe how quickly you put this together. It has been a pleasure working with you.” —Joel Kunkel, Home Star Inspection Services

If you haven’t shopped OREP, chances are you are paying too much for E&O insurance. The policy is offered by an “A” Rated carrier and covers all inspectors in your company, including independent contractors. Save money and time with OREP!

Coverage Includes: Additional Insured Endorsement for Agents and other referring parties, termite and radon coverage, coverage for commercial inspections, pool, septic and new construction/code compliance!

Financing is available. Prior acts for qualified applicants; low-cost Premises Liability and General Liability are available. Before you write your check for E&O this year, you owe it to yourself to shop OREP. Join the hundreds of inspectors who have switched to OREP. Call or visit for details and a quote: (888) 347-5273 or Agent David Brauner, Calif. Insurance Lic. #0C89873.

Texas Inspectors Special Program: Minimum Premium $975
Call OREP for details (888) 347-5273

Inspectors E&O Insurance

LIMIT Single and/or Multi-Inspector Firms
$1,000,000 Limit $2,200 (plus taxes and fees)
$500,000 Limit $1,850 (plus taxes and fees)
$300,000 Limit $1,650 (plus taxes and fee)
$100,000 Limit $1,250 (plus taxes and fees)
Taxes and fees are an additional $300-$400 in most cases.

Energy Rating/Auditing- Diversify and Grow
• Appraiser’s Guide to Energy Rating by Jeff Patterson– provides a jump start for this exciting growth opportunity from an appraiser who has already integrated the service into his appraisal practice (New Niche: Energy Auditing). Get the appraisal and the energy audit!
• Insurance: OREP’s E&O program for home inspectors includes coverage for energy rating/auditing at no additional cost. Visit for more. Appraisers, agents and others can obtain E&O and general liability coverage through OREP for $750-$1,500 depending on the coverage. Visit, email or call for more: or (888) 347-5273. David Brauner, Calif. Insurance License #0C89873.

California Group Health Insurance Plans
California residents qualify for programs offered through Kaiser Permanente, Allied National and United Healthcare. These plans are available to real estate professionals on a guaranteed issue basis. Eligibility is accomplished by being a member/affiliate member of a real estate association/board. Kaiser Permanente offers eleven plans including the new Tax Advantaged Health Savings Account Plans. United Healthcare offers three HMO and four PPO plans, including a Tax Advantaged Health Savings Account.  Allied National offers four Limited Benefit PPO Plans that offer highly affordable first dollar coverage including doctor office and emergency room visits and prescription drugs.  These plans are available to California residents only through OREP (OREP membership not required). Please visit or email with medical benefits in the subject. A qualified agent will call to go over the options.

Short Term Medical Insurance
Affordable short term medical insurance is also available in various states for if you are between jobs, waiting for coverage after you’ve started a new job, a college student, unable to qualify for or afford individual health coverage or Cobra.  OREP membership is not required. Please visit or email with medical benefits in the subject. A qualified agent will call to go over the options.

How Do you Feel about your Insurance Agent?
OREP: Thanks so much for all of your help. You guys are great. We love working with you as you work so darn hard to help us all the time. Again, you guys rock. Keep up the fantastic work. – Ranee and Martin Kramer

Do you feel this way about your insurance agent? If you don’t, consider OREP/David Brauner Insurance Services: Coverage, Rates and Business by the Golden Rule.

Call us toll free (888) 347-5273 today for your insurance needs. If you get an automated greeting, simply press “2” to speak to one of our 10 agents/staff during regular business hours.

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