New Niche: Energy Auditing

Making money through knowledge – this is how appraiser Jeff Patterson sees his future. Patterson, in the real estate industry 30 years, is broadening his practice to include energy audits- using specific protocols to show homeowners how to save money on their energy bills and lower their carbon footprint.

Patterson sees this growing area as a way to carve out a lucrative new niche by combining his appraising know how with new knowledge and expertise. With the advent of new state and federal funds, including low interest loans, tax incentives and rebates, public interest in energy efficiency is accelerating. According to Patterson, providing energy auditing is a natural fit for appraisers. “The service involves a thorough survey or audit of a home or property and assisting owners in lowering energy costs. Once a home is audited the ‘energy efficient’ improvements are eligible for many financial rewards such as tax deductions, grants and low interest loans. The process requires accurate measurement of the property, calculating the return on investment, coupled with an appraiser’s expertise and knowledge of real estate markets- specifically how these improvements will effect operating cost and value. Who better than an appraiser?”

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