List of Enforcement Actions

AMC State Action
American Reporting Company Washington Removed Appraiser from Panel without Notification – $2,000 fine and license suspension (stayed for one year)
iMortgage Louisiana Failure to pay C&R fees – Final order; $10,000 fine and six month license suspension
Appraisal Express Corporation Oregon Unlicensed activity, failure to pay on time – Final Order; $87,500 fine
Appraisal Pro Minnesota Unlicensed activity – Consent Order; $2,500 fine LLC Minnesota Unlicensed activity – Consent Order; $2,500 fine
Coester VMS North Carolina Failure to pay on time – Consent Order; $10,000 payment
Coester VMS Tennessee Failure to submit biannual certification
Coester VMS Louisiana Failure to pay C&R – Memorandum (no admission of guilt); $5,000 Admin. Cost
Coester VMS Minnesota Unlicensed activity, false advertising, failure to respond – Consent Order; $12,500 fine
Interthinx Minnesota Unlicensed activity – Consent Cease and Desist Order; $12,500 fine
Landmark Network, Inc. Minnesota Unlicensed activity – Penalty Agreement $2,500
Liberty One Minnesota Repeat Failures – Civil Order; $20,000 fine
Nadlan Valuations, Inc Minnesota Unlicensed activity, false and misleading statements – Conclusions of Law; $30,000 fine
Preferred Appraisals Minnesota Unlicensed activity – Consent Order; $20,000 fine
Residential RealEstate Review North Carolina Failure to pay on time – Consent Order; $1,000 fine
US Appraisal Group, Inc. Minnesota Failure to pay appraisers – Conclusions of Law; $50,000 fine
Vesta Valuation, LLC Minnesota Failure to timely pay appraisers – Consent Order; Revocation of license, $50,000 fine


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