How to Find Success in Today's Tough Market

How to Find Success in Today’s Tough Market

by Roy Meyer
Imagine your appraisal business built primarily around non-lender work and continuing to grow every night while you sleep. Imagine having a dedicated team committed to the success of your appraisal business and taking extended vacations while your business doesn't skip a beat. Imagine…you fill in the blank.

It's not a pipedream and it’s already happening for many appraisers across the country who have opened their minds to a new way of building their businesses. And that new way is with the help of outsourcing.

I’ve been outsourcing for more than nine years and currently have a team of virtual assistants in both India and the Philippines as well as a number of other part-time virtual contractors from around the world including the U.S. In addition to appraisers, I consult with Realtors, brokers, investors, and others in the real estate industry on how to grow, automate and streamline their businesses using a combination of outsourcing, marketing and other related tools and systems.

I already know what your initial reaction may be:

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