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OREP/Working RE Webinar Series
This is one of my favorite expressions: “You don’t know what you don’t know!” Amen to that. We learn from others and if we don’t, we may never realize what we don’t know. In this competitive business environment, that means everything. Many of you work solo with little peer interaction: it’s hard to learn and grow under these circumstances. But there are experts who are giving back- teaching and mentoring and sharing what they know. We’ve given them a platform to reach you.

Can You Increase Your Appraisal Volume and the Quality of Your Work? Some of us are technicians- we put our noses the grindstone to do the “work” that needs to get done in our businesses. Others are big-picture folks who set up systems, leverage technology and people power to succeed. Not everyone can do both. If you’re more the “appraiser technician” and less the business owner, this webinar will help you be more productive and more profitable. If you’re a little slow implementing the latest technology you will want to check out our most popular webinar, also presented by Dustin Harris: Mobile Appraising: Saving Time and Money. A recent attendee says it better than I can. Lori L. Horn, SRA, writes: “I want to thank you for a very informative class. I will be buying an iPad within the week to use on inspections. This class gave me the initiative to just go out and do it.” K. Coviello writes, “The webinar was great, exactly what I needed…I loved it.”

Maximizing AMC Orders and Income: Dare I say it- many of you are succeeding quite nicely working with AMCs- the ones who pay fairly and work competently and professionally. How do you find the goods ones? How do you establish a win-win with them? How do you say no or decline an assignment and continue to get orders? How do you raise your fees? What’s the most efficient way to apply to the various panels? Take this webinar to find out. Maximizing AMC Orders and Income and the companion AMC Guide are investments that will pay for themselves many times over (and over and over). The modest investment far exceeds the money to be gained, aggravation to be avoided and the time not wasted. Learn from someone who knows- and earn.

Top 5 Questions Asked of an Appraiser and How to Answer, How to Limit Liability, Maintain Independence, and Fight Influence: Richard Hagar, SRA is the nation’s top expert at understanding today’s regulatory landscape and what it means for appraisers and AMCs/lenders. He is not an advocate for AMCs nor an apologist for bad appraising. He teaches what you need to know: the real life implications of the new regulations for you and your business. It’s not dry, it’s fascinating. It’s not theoretical, it’s absolutely relevant- if you want to stay out of trouble, stay in business and understand your rights and your responsibilities under the new laws. Not knowing can be catastrophic. Hagar’s webinars are musts for appraisers and AMCs/lenders. Both parties will learn how to insulate themselves from trouble by (wait for it), doing the right thing. There are some things you must do and things you must never do because one mistake can put you out of business. Learn your rights and what is expected of you. This is the most vital information that you probably don’t know.

You can learn more about these and all our webinars at, Recorded Webinars. The prices are affordable and the information presented by seasoned appraisers who like sharing what they’ve learned to help others. OREP insureds and Working RE subscribers always enjoy a discount.

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