Fighting Your Way Off a Blacklist

After over two years and many tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, appraiser Bill Smith fought his way off Citibank’s infamous “do not use list.” Here’s how he did it.

To begin with, Smith (not his real name), has a “can you top this” aspect of how he was blacklisted in the first place: it was not even his appraisal. Smith was blacklisted over two years ago in connection with an appraisal he completed a “market conditions update” for. Repeat: he did not do the appraisal.

Smith’s story is more typical in other details: a form letter arrives announcing the blacklisting without any opportunity to provide feedback or comment; work from one or more appraisal management companies (AMC) dries up, anger and frustration set in.

Smith identified a contact at Citibank and submitted a rebuttal. He says they have 30 days to respond and on about day 30 they did: he remained blacklisted with no further explanation- for the appraisal he didn’t do.

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