Adjustments – A Closer Look (Combo Deal)

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Two Part Webinar Series with Richard Hagar, SRA

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“Over the past several weeks I have applied your single line regression method for determining the sq.ft adjustment and found it incredibly useful. I have felt more confident in my comments about justification for the amounts as well as my comments about site value and the location adjustments.” – Rene D.

“I paid for and watched the “supporting adjustments” webinar a few months ago. It was fantastic! I believe you sent out the recording but I cant find it. I would LOVE to review it again.” -Jack L.

How to Support and Prove Your Adjustments – A Closer Look

Presented by: Richard Hagar, SRA
Part 1: March 5th, 10 – 12:00 p.m. PST
Part 2: March 12th, 10 – 12:00 p.m. PST


Will support for your adjustments hold up under scrutiny? How do you determine the right adjustment? Is it based on what you were told when you were learning the appraisal business, someone else’s opinion or…do you apply the correct methods in your appraisal practice?

Regulations state that appraisal adjustments cannot be based upon an appraiser’s opinion. Failure to provide proof and analysis to support your adjustments mean a rough road from now on out: state board complaints, license revocation, panel removal, lawsuits, and now Fannie Mae cites “use of adjustments that do not reflect market reaction” as number one on a list of 16 reasons why an appraiser can be placed on its “Do Not Use” List. This list is a fast ticket to a career change.

The abbreviated hour-long webinar presented by Hagar was so popular with appraisers that Working RE is now offering a 4-hour version in March 2015 where Hagar takes you step-by-step through in-depth examples and shows you how to provide the proper support, analysis and documentation for adjustments in your appraisal report and workfile.

This course will help you understand and utilize quick and simple methods for proving adjustments that improve the quality of your reports and help you avoid problems, blacklisting and legal actions.

Two Part Webinar Series

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