When Nice Guys Finish Last (AMC Complaints Rise)

You receive a call from a lender or an appraisal management company (AMC) who wants to talk to you about an appraisal assignment you recently completed for them. The call usually comes from the quality control department at the post closing stage of the loan. They start questioning you on your line item adjustments. All the comparables are on smaller lots than the subject property and they feel your adjustment for lot sizes seems a bit high. You want to be a “good” appraiser and not upset your client so you agree that perhaps they could have been a little lower.

While they have you on the phone, they also ask if you think your time adjustments are a little aggressive. Again, not wanting to upset a good client, you tell them that maybe you were a little aggressive (even though you really don’t think you were, you’re just trying to appease them), and you state that you will try to find another public data source in the future that is more conservative. Your client thanks you and even tells you to have a nice day. You hang up the phone thinking you handled that rather well.

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