AVM Tango! Man or Machine?

Editor’s Note: A recent online debate about AVMs highlights the many facets of this very important issue and underscores the wide divergence of opinion among appraisers about the place of AVMs in the lending process, and in the marketplace. The conversation was sparked by the story Copyright Appraiser Takes on AVMs. AVM Tango! Man or...… Read More

Copyright Appraiser Takes on AVMs

Editor’s Note: Tim Vining, MAI is at it again. Vining is the appraiser who made national news by bringing the first appraisal copyright infringement lawsuit. The case settled in his favor. This time he is taking on AMVs. Read how and why below. “Right on to Tim Vining! Please let him know hard-working appraisers support him.” – Eve… Read More

Appraisers Put AVM Zillow to the Test

Editor’s Note: Appraiser Sean Heath and others test out the new AVM Zillow and caution that while the name may be on everyone’s lips, let the zill-er (consumer) beware. That said, the results are far from black and white. Appraisers Put AVM Zillow to the Test by Sean Heath It seems that the quickest way...… Read More