Trainee Trouble: Who’s Training Who?

While the villain in last issue’s story “Identity Theft-Appraiser Style” happens to be a trainee, employee dishonesty is not the only reason appraisers refuse to take on trainees. Veteran appraisers wanting to give back to the profession by mentoring also report that the system is getting in their way. By now, issues that discourage mentors are… Read More

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Good News for Appraisers by David Brauner, Editor Just as the seasons turn, so do markets and perceptions. There seems to be good news for (ethical) appraisers this season. Many I spoke with at the recent Appraisal Today show in San Francisco say fear of fraud is driving lenders away from number hitters and toward… Read More

The Apprentice: Trainees Gone Wild

The Apprentice: Trainees Gone Wild? Just like the popular television show staring Donald Trump and a band of would-be executives, the reality of training appraisal apprentices these days involves more drama than you might expect. Recent legislation in Florida, a decree by The Appraisal Foundation (TAF) and horror stories of appraisal “sweat shops” churning out...… Read More