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Fighting Back By Sam E. Blackburn Client pressure, especially from mortgage brokers, continues to be a serious problem for appraisers.  Lender pressure will continue to be a problem until Congress enacts predatory lending legislation to prohibit unethical conduct.  As long as lenders and brokers control who receives appraisal assignments and can act with little fear...… Read More

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FDIC Vendors Links http://www.fdic.gov/buying/goods/ListofAwardsandContractorContactInformation.html http://www.fdic.gov/buying/goods/index.html According to appraiser Thomas J. Inserra, MBA, MAI, SRA appraisers are adapting their practice to different markets and customers rather than lender loan origination work only and there is great opportunity if you know where to look. Speaking at the Valuation 2010 Expo, Inserra said appraisers can find abundant work,… Read More