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Appraisers Respond: Cert #23

Editor’s Note: The following is reaction to our story: Fannie offers Cert #23 “Fix” & More. Appraisers Respond: Cert #23 Big Bad Fannie If you play Family Feud and one of your partners gives a stupid answer to a question, most everyone on your panel knows its stupid but they applaud, scream, and cheer anyway. If… Read More

Fannie Offers Cert #23 “Fix”

Fannie offers Cert #23 “Fix” By David Brauner, Editor WRE Just days after the new forms took effect and in the midst of widespread confusion and fear among appraisers nationwide regarding their increasing liability and responsibility under the new forms, and especially Cert. #23 (Intended User), Fannie Mae’s Mark Simpson, speaking to appraisers at Valuation...… Read More