Fannie Mae, Due Diligence, and Your State Board

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Bulletproof Appraising

Fannie Mae, Due Diligence, and Your State Board

Presented by: Tim Andersen, MAI
Part 1: Available Now
Part 2: May 19th, 10 – 11:30 a.m. PST
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Are you prepared to successfully defend your work against inquiries from Fannie Mae, your state board and your AMC/lender clients? Are you sure? This webinar is designed share an expert’s knowledge of what it takes to protect yourself. Gained through years of defending appraisers before their state boards, over real-life reporting issues, USPAP expert Tim Andersen, MAI and author (Beware of Consent Decrees; Understanding State Board Enforcement), helps you fill in any experience or knowledge gaps in your practice so you can appraise confidently and successfully.

The devil is in the details and that has never been truer for real estate appraisers.

With Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter creating additional reporting requirements, AMCs, lenders and state appraisal boards increasingly eager to file complaints, and with frustrated borrowers and agents, now privy to your appraisal and more than ready to “sue” when you fail to “hit their number,” now is the time to learn how to bulletproof your workfile and protect yourself.  You can prevent many complaints from ever happening and increase your chances of a positive outcome if they do, when you know how to exercise proper due diligence in preparing your appraisal.

In this two-part webinar, Tim Andersen, MAI, gives you simplified, workable tips on meeting due diligence requirements and shows you how to stay out of trouble with Fannie Mae, your state board, and your clients. This class is filled with real-life examples of charges filed against appraisers with actual appraisal reports examined. If you are at all unsure about what needs to be in your workfile in order to be safe, this two-part webinar will simply the requirements for you and save you grief with your state appraisal board.

This class will include:

  • What USPAP SR 1-4 really means to you
  • Three steps for proper Due Diligence: what is expected of you and what you can expect if you don’t deliver.
  • Understanding “broad flexibility” and “significant responsibility”
  • Proper Methods for Verifying Sales Data
  • Four common but unacceptable appraisal practices
  • How to play (happily) by Fannie Mae’s New Rules (Appraisal Quality Monitoring/ AQM)
  • Which supporting analytics should be part of every residential appraisal and workfile;
  • Three factors an appraiser must analyze as part of highest and best use, and where a summary of that analysis should be in a report;


  • Understanding exposure time;
  • The only proper and workable definition of a comparable sale;
  • What Collateral Underwriter (CU) demands. Fannie Mae is watching.

There are fewer appraisers than there were a few years ago, and therefore, more opportunity. Take another step toward professionalism and learn how to create better, more supportable and defendable appraisal reports.


Two Part Webinar Series

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