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"This was my first time to listen to one of Richard Hagar's courses and I wish I had done so much sooner! Very valuable info and
easy to understand."

-Rachel M.

Are You Still Confused About ANSI?

Introducing ANSI:
New Requirements for Appraisers

Learn ANSI in 2 hours with Richard Hagar!

Presented By: Richard Hagar, SRA
Date: Thursday, April 28, 10 - 12 p.m. PST
(That's 11 a.m. MT, Noon CST, and 1 p.m. EST)

Are you confused about how to report the space under stairs?

What do you report as "below grade?"

If you have unfinished "above grade" square footage, where do you report that?

We had such a strong response for our first webinar, we are doing it again! 

Fannie Mae just started requiring appraisers to measure and calculate square footage using the ANSI system - or appraisals will be rejected.  This started April 1!!!

This 2-hour LIVE Webinar (No CE credit) will help appraisers understand, measure, and deliver floor plans that meet ANSI and Fannie Mae's requirements.

The webinar will provide the perfect primer on ANSI and give you key details on how to comply with ANSI, work these new standards into your appraisals, and stay out of trouble.

Each attendee will also receive a copy of FNMA's announcement as well as the discussion ANSI had with appraisers regarding this system.

This class will cover:
(1) How to handle stairs!
(2) What to do with low or sloping ceilings;
(3) Why Fannie Mae is adopting uniform standards;
(4) How to handle unique rooms, curves and more;
(5) How to stay out of trouble!

Come learn the quick and solid information that you'll need to do this right! 
(There will be time for questions too!)

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>> Details: Webinars will be delivered live online, including Q&A, and recorded for repeat viewing. (Coursework not approved for CE. For approved CE, click here.)

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