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Published by OREP, E&O Insurance Experts | March 2014


"I purchased the AMC directory last week and am very happy. I signed up for 4 companies & already received two orders." - Diane F.

New 2014 AMC Guide

Hello Appraisers:
Last month, I successfully updated the entire 2014 Appraisal Management Company Directory.  I removed companies that have had billing problems, ones that have gone out of business and that are generally bad companies to work for. 
I have also added a good number of new national appraisal management companies that I am sure you have not signed up with yet. 

Now is the time to get all of your information updated with the best AMCs.  There is a lot of talk of the next refinance boom coming and the real estate market continues to improve.  As the market gets hot again, you want to make sure you are signed up to all the AMCs serving your market area. 

You have nothing to lose and only orders to gain.  I suggest you use my directory to update all of your information with AMCs you have worked for in the past as well as sign up to as many of the appraisal management companies that are bound to have a lot of work in the spring.

I have high hopes for our industry!  If you really love being an appraiser but only need more work, then this new updated 2014 AMC Directory is for you.


Bryan Knowlton

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2014 AMC Resource Guide has over 250 verified AMCs listed, with the first 47 sending over 90% of the author's work. Expand your business and find the AMCs that pay fairly and know how to treat an appraiser. You control who you work for instead of the other way around.

2014 AMC Resource Guide helps increase orders so you can turn down low-fee AMC work, negotiate fees from a position of strength and confidence and refuse to work for the AMCs that under value you with low-fee work and endless streams of unnecessary corrections and stipulations.

Designed by an Appraiser for Appraisers

·  Hundreds of Satisfied Customers  
    (See below for reviews)

·  Easy to sign up - 99% online applications

·  First 50 listed send 90% of author's work

·  National Management Companies

  Updated Non-Lender Marketing Tips &

·  Verified Companies that send orders


“Thanks Bryan, your list is worth the price. I've been getting good business from some of those AMCs. :)"  -Ray

"I have purchased your AMC directory and have been successful with obtaining new clients. Your emails are also very informative and full of excellent advise. Out of the AMC's I have signed up with, I was able to get two solid clients with consistent work on a weekly basis. Three other AMC's send orders on occasion. Thank you."
-Zachary Brown

AMC Guide:
$79.95 (OREP Member / Working RE Paid Subscribers pay less )

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Full-Fee Directory ($79.95 - details below)  +  2014 AMC Guide  = $149
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Get More Work and Higher Fees in 2014

Full-Fee (No AMC) Marketing Guide & Directory
Avoid the Middleman: More Full Fee Appraisals, Fewer Hassles

The Appraiser Marketing Guide and Directory includes 3,400+ Direct Lenders, Credit Unions and Bail Bond Companies that don’t require the use of an AMC!! 

This exclusive guide shows you how to work directly with clients, get paid full-fees, and diversify your business.

In addition to the Directory of over 3,400 Direct Lenders, Credit Unions, Bail Bond companies and more, find these important chapters:

  How to Market to Attorneys, Bail Bond Companies, Direct Lenders and Credit Unions

·   Getting Off the AMC Roller Coaster Ride

·   Step-by-Step Instructions to Make a Postcard Mailer from Card Design to Mailing

·   How to Get Low Cost Mailing Lists Made Targeting Local Divorce and Bankruptcy Attorneys

·   Tested Methods on How to Get More Referral Work From Past and Existing Clients

·   How to Get a FREE Local Listing in Google and Optimize it for Best Results

he Full-Fee Directory gives you greater choice in who you will work with and for how much. Begin converting your practice back to Full Fee Appraising.

Avoid AMC pressure, endless stipulations and low fees - Find full-fee clients and increase your income!

Full-Fee Directory
$79.95 (OREP Member / Working RE Paid Subscribers pay less)

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SPECIAL: Buy Both and Save!
Full-Fee Directory  +  2014 AMC Guide ($79.95 details above) = $149
(OREP Member/Working RE Subscribers pay less)

  ***Full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Where Does Your Website Rank? Are You Getting Orders Off The Internet?

Without a website that actually shows up on the first page of Google, you are not going to get those orders needed for estate valuation purposes, divorce, bankruptcy, date of death, tax reassessment, bail bonds and more.

I get at least 10 calls a week from people looking for real estate appraisal services that are needed for a variety of purposes. Some turn out to be long term customers spending thousands annually on appraisals.


SEO-Enhanced Appraiser Websites

(Built by an Appraiser, for Appraisers)

How many orders do you receive from your website?
Are you getting Full-Fee Orders from lawyers, estates, bailbondsmen, and more?

If you want to diversify and grow your appraisal business in 2014, having a website that shows up in search engines is a must! A search-engine optimized website is the key to getting more non-lender work and decreasing your reliance on AMCs.

 Even if you already have a website, if it isn't showing up on the first page of Google then you are missing out on business!

With a SEO Optimized website, the majority of orders you'll receive from your website will be for customers going through a divorce, partnership dissolution, date of death/probate and for private investor transactions.

This service will pay for itself in a single Full Fee order.

Working with SEO expert and appraiser Bryan Knowlton, Working RE brings you down-to-earth pricing on personalized appraiser websites, including construction, hosting and optimization. It’s time to promote your services to everyone in your market area and expand into non-lender, full-fee work.

There are many factors within your website design that influence your ranking with the search engines. Your website will be built to increase your search engine ranking and get more orders.

Some of the top factors that we use to optimize your website.
1. Find Clients Looking for Your Services: Keyword research to identify most searched appraisal related keywords within your market area.
2. Giving Google What it Wants Means Results: Placement of primary keywords in the Title Tag, Description and text throughout your website.
3. Put Your Best Foot Forward: Optimized use of pages to target specific services and coverage areas.
4. Professional Design: Page design and layout to increase customer calls.
5. Turn Key Marketing: Top Search Engine and Directory submission included with website.

Order your Website today! Diversify your clientele, bring in more business, and get full-fee work 

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