Other Than Lender Work

Other Than Lender Work

Are you curious about what it takes to do non-lender appraisal work?

Maybe you’ve read about doing appraisals for lawyers and accountants in estate planning or divorce settlements, or maybe you’ve always wondered what’s involved in appraisal insurance work. If so, this is a webinar you don’t want to miss!

Professional Appraiser Series–Part 1: Other than Lender Work is presented by appraiser Andy Anderson, author of UMDP/UAD: Road to Ruin? and Customary and Reasonable Assignments, and a professional appraiser with over 27 years’ experience.

Other than Lender Work is the first in a series of webinars designed to add to your professional expertise and help you grow as an appraiser. In this webinar, Andy Anderson explains what’s involved when your client is not a lender or an AMC, and what you need to be prepared for when accepting assignments with an “outside the box” scope of work.

What are the hurdles that need to be overcome if you want to branch out into specialized, high-profile (and high-paying) appraisal work?

How do you identify and value structures and improvements for insurance purposes that have been destroyed by fire or other natural disasters?

Andy Anderson explains the ins and outs of other than lender work and share his experience as an appraiser doing specialty work for lawyers, accountants, insurance companies, and more.

Partnering with OREP/Working RE Magazine, Andy Anderson is offering appraisers an opportunity to expand their knowledge of specialty appraisals and learn what’s involved when trying to diversify their profession. To read more about Mr. Anderson, click here.

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