Shower Pan Tester




Shower Pan Tester

Avoid a Costly Mess & the Loss of Future Referrals! Safely Test Shower Pans with the Shower Pan Tester.

You will be able to:

  1. Perform more thorough inspections.
  2. Potentially save your clients thousands of dollars.
  3. Protect yourself from lawsuits since water is the second largest insurance claim.
  4. Provide peace of mind for your clients.
  5. Positively identify leaky shower pans.

Have you ever tested a shower pan with a flat rubber stopper and flooded or almost flooded a bathroom at the home inspection you were performing?

It makes for a very stressful situation while trying to clean up the initial mess, make calls to the water extraction company, all while your client, the agents and homeowner are trying to get answers on how a Professional Inspector flooded their house during the inspection. Sound familiar?

If you haven’t experienced this, trust us, you don’t want to.

No more flooding, no more headaches, use the Shower Pan Tester !

Extracting water from an accidental flood costs hundreds of dollars and the loss of future referrals.

Don’t let it happen to you!
The Shower Pan Tester  is designed to help test shower pans for leaks in the pan and lower shower wall area without accidentally flooding a bathroom.

See it in action below! Just scroll down.

The Shower Pan Tester  has a flat lower flange that covers most shower drain screens with a 1.75-inch raised wall and a 1.75-inch opening at the top for the water to flow through. This keeps the top of the Shower Pan Tester  well below the building codes minimum 2-inch required curb.


1 Shower Pan Tester – $25: Click Here to Buy Now!

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Same Day Shipping M-F

money-back***Full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. 

Watch the Shower Pan Tester in action!

Shower Enclosure Inspection

Shower Pan Leak

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