New Construction / Code Inspection Home Study Package

New Construction/Code Inspection Home Study Package
(11 DVD Series, New Construction Manual, and 2 Diploma Exams)

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Use this package to:

1. Prepare for  ICC®/IRC® Certification to work as a Building Inspector for a county, city, or municipality.

2. Expand your Home Inspection Business to include New Construction Inspections.

3. As exam prep for the NHIE® and CRIEA® Exams.

This Package Includes:

1. 11-Volume DVD Series Code/New Construction Inspection Training
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These DVDs address close to 2,000 new construction and code related issues.  They contain real life scenes from New Construction Sites across the nation.  Circles and Arrows are used so you can see the precise item being discussed. What better way to learn to perform a visual building inspection than with actual visuals?

Topics include: General Types of Construction , Footings and Foundations, Building Interior, Building Exterior, Electrical Interior, Electrical Exterior, Supply Plumbing, Drainage Plumbing, General HVAC, Air Conditioning, Unit Related HVAC

2. Manual for The New Construction Training Series (450 pages)

This manual contains a bound, removable ICC Exam Reference Book that is code cross-referenced, extensively indexed, and can be used when taking the ICC exams. The ICC exams are open book, probably because they are timed exams and ICC figures no one can go through all the 1000 page code books in that short amount of time. That is why we have cross referenced the codes and extensively indexed them in our ICC Exam Reference Book. Take this book and any other books you like to the exam.

The manual also gives the reasoning behind wood framing and structural issues–almost 400 illustrations.

3. 3-Volume DVD Series Classroom, In-the-Field Training

It is often difficult to find in-the-field training that takes you out to actual construction sites. But, that is exactly this extensive DVD series does for you.

– Take virtually the same tours of homes at various stages of construction as provided to the students in our classroom.

– Listen to the instructor provide detailed explanations of the defects that were found in a home at the “4-way” or “rough” stage of construction.

4. Homework that accompany the DVDs and manual.

Complete the homework and earn diplomas as documentation that you have obtained training.

FAQ: Home Inspector vs. Building Inspector?

Home Inspector and Building Inspector are two different professions. A Home Inspector determines the condition of any age of home. A Building Inspector usually works for a municipality and determines if a home is being built to code. A home inspector does not do a code inspection. Most municipalities are using the ICC code. The ICC/IRC has certifications in 4 areas: Building, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. You can become a Combination Residential Inspector®who covers all 4 areas, or you can be an individual inspector in any one of the four areas.

With this package, you can learn code provisions from actual real-life scenes and defects.  That way, when you get out on site, you are familiar with what you are inspecting.  Also, use this extensive, specially designed and field tested IRC Index to increase your chances of passing the ICC®  certification exam.  The IRC®  Index included in this package goes well beyond the index in the IRC®  book.

Instead of shadowing a trainer on hundreds of Code Inspections to learn how it is done, this DVD Series bring the sites to you in the convenience of your own home.  It could take as much as a year of shadowing someone to get the exposure that is provided with these extensive real life scenes and defects.

Home Inspectors
Double Your Marketability!
Learn New Construction Inspection to Expand Your Business

Did you know many new homes have 10-30 reportable defects?  If problems are found during the New Construction Inspection before the home is “finalled”, the builder typically has to make the repairs.  You could potentially save your client $1000s of dollars and countless headaches.  Also, because most new homes have a 1-Year Warranty, you can help your client find the problems while the warranty still covers repairs.

***This material will also help if you are taking the NHIE®, NACHI®, and  CREIA® exams (more than 1/3 of the questions on these tests have to do with code and new construction), or the IRC®  (International Residential Code – Building, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) exams.

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