Commercial Inspection Home Study Package

Commercial Inspection Home Study Package
(12 DVDs, Manual, and Exams)

Expand and diversify your business with this comprehensive Commercial Inspection Package. $599 (It is strongly recommended that you are already doing residential inspections before you expand to commercial inspections).

This package contains:

*6 DVDs to better help you understand various commercial buildings.
-Retail/Factor/Warehouse (existing)
-Strip Malls (existing)
-Office Building (construction stages)
-Bank/Office Building (detailed stages of construction, (2 DVDs)
-Clinic/Hospital (construction stages)

*3 DVDs  of “live” classroom and field training on DVD.  With these DVDs, it is as though you are in class and out in the field with us.

-Listen to the classroom presentations discussing business aspects, and general principles of electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and structural aspects of commercial inspections.

-Listen in on the question and answer sessions on this topic between students like you and an experienced home inspector/trainer.

*3 DVDs   An exclusive walk through tour of a 14-story commercial structure that includes electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and roofing.

Commercial Inspection Business and Technical Supplemental Manual (175 pages).   Contains important information on commercial inspections as well as two sample commercial inspection reports of two of the commercial buildings in the DVD set.

Chapter Titles include:  Differences Between Commercial and Residential Inspections, Starting and Marketing a Commercial Inspection Business, Conducting and Reporting Commercial Inspections, Liability, Standards, ADA, Roof, Exteriors, Plumbing, Electrical, Interiors, HVAC, and Steam-Hot Water-Oil Fired

Diploma Homework
Complete the homework and earn a diploma as documentation that you have obtained training.

Increasing your Expertise in Commercial Inspections Increases your Credibility in Home Inspections

“Training That Counts!!!”

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