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June 24: Reconsiderations of Value and What to Do About Them
June 17: Building an Appraisal Niche: High-End Appraisal Work
June 10: Interview with VA’s Chief Appraiser
June 3: Appraisers Speak Out: Full Bifurcated Appraisal Results
May 27: Appraising During a Pandemic
May 13: When Loans Go Bad: Preparing for the Next Wave
April 15: Financial Relief extends to E&O Insurance
April 8: Risky Business: Why Lenders Continue to Demand Interior Inspections
March 30: Interior Inspections: Tough Choices for Appraisers
March 23: FHFA Directive on Interior Appraisal Inspections
March 20: Appraisers and Coronavirus
March 18: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion and Resources for Appraisers
March 11: Appraiser’s Changing Role
February 25: Building a Secure Appraisal Business
February 18: Fannie Mae and the Future: Recruiting New Appraisers
February 11: Thriving in a Post-FIRREA World
February 4: New Construction Assignments- Rising Demand
January 30: Listening to Appraisers
December 11: VA Issues Guidance on Bifurcated Appraisals
November 13: Turn and Face the Strain… an Appraiser’s Life
November 8: FHFA Puts Brakes on Fannie’s Bifurcated Program
October 22: Appraisal Fee Transparency Act of 2019: Pivotal Point for Appraisers
October 11: Congress Wakes Up?
October 2: Conservation Easements
September 25: Bifurcated Appraising
September 18: Roadmap for Survival
September 4: Appraising “Bifurcated”
August 28: Why “Bifurcated” Won’t Work
August 21: De Minimus Raised
August 7: A Spreadsheet Solution For Estimating GLA Adjustments
July 31: Comparing Hybrid Appraisals with a 1004 Report
July 24: Street Art Is Real Estate: What Appraisers Need to Know
July 10: Marijuana Appraisals: Still Hazy
July 3: Coester Loses Appraiser Lawsuit
June 26: Come Together
June 19: Importance of Right of Way Assignments
June 5: Caring For Your Biggest Investment
May 29: Illinois Board Issues Warning on Hybrid Appraisals
May 22: Business Valuations: Diversifying Your Appraisal Business
May 8: Fannie Mae Plans Massive Changes to Appraisal Process
April 23: Five Ways To Be More Efficient
April 17: The Power of Praise
April 3: My Complaint with Complaints
March 27: Coester AMC Out of Business, Appraisers Unpaid
March 20: Appraisal Regulatory Modernization: Idea Whose Time Has Come
March 6: Keys to Business Success in 2019
February 20: OREP Risk Management Q&A: How to Disclose and Adjust for Carcinogens
January 29: Private Appraisal Work, The Final Frontier
January 23: Persistent Appraisal Failures: Part 1
January 9: Digital Transformation of the Appraisal Industry
December 28: Insurance Happy Ending
December 19: Explaining Your Adjustments
December 12: Paired Sales Using Percentage Adjustments and No Recent Sales
November 28: Kübler-Ross and the Certified Letter
November 7: What does “Misleading” Mean?
October 24: Uberrimae Fidei (what?)
October 17: Risk of Land Volatility
October 10: Being the Connected Appraiser— Building Business with Connected Tools
October 3: Understanding Competency
September 19: A Very Credible Napkin
September 12: Talking Fees and Antitrust
September 7: Professionals Bill by the Hour
August 22: It’s Just a Machine….
August 7: Big Data, Big Risk?
August 1: Certifications: Understanding What You’re Signing
July 25: Risk Management Corner
July 11: Market Update: Interest Rates and Appraisal Volume
June 27: Hybrid Appraisals and Risk Management
June 20: Applying USPAP Fairly in a Review
June 6: Desktop Appraisals: Risk and Reward
May 30: Are You Committing Appraisal Fraud?
May 23: So You Want To Sell Your Appraisal Business?
May 2: I Can’t…Therefore, It’s Not Possible
April 25: Why Appraisers Need Uniform, Federal Enforcement of USPAP
April 18: Common Appraisal Errors (Part 2)
April 4: Mobile Appraising: “But I Can’t See That Little Red Dot!”
March 28: Changing Markets
March 21: Transitioning Into Non-Lender Work
March 12: Appraisal Waivers Up for Key Vote
March 7: Cultural & Religious Effects on Value
February 21: Big Changes to College Degree, Experience Requirements
February 7: How Can Appraisers Thrive?
January 31: Navigating Hybrid Appraisals
January 24: Choices are Good
January 10: AQB Considers Changes to College Degree, Experience Requirements (Again)
December 13: Adjustments: Sample Size, Relevance and Credible Solutions
November 29: Accommodation of Personal Interest
November 15: Preparing for Your Deposition
November 8: How Much Value Does That Extra Bedroom Add? (Understanding Regression)
October 25: Solve Problems, Don’t Just Answer Questions
October 18: Have You Talked to Another Appraiser Lately?
October 11: Beyond USPAP?
Sept. 27: 2017 Fee Survey: Analyzing the Data
Sept. 13: Mentoring Fellow Appraisers
August 30: Lenders (and AMCs) Responsible for Appraisal Quality?
August 16: One Easy Trick to Get More Work
August 2: Fannie Mae’s Top Appraiser On the Future
July 26: PACE Financing: What Appraisers Should Know
July 19: Why Fannie Mae Shouldn’t Keep Data Secret
July 5: Facebook AND Face to Face Marketing
June 21: Appraiser’s Life: How Busy Are You?
June 7: Appraisers, Dentists, and Antitrust Law
June 2: Louisiana Appraisal Board: Anti-Competitive?
May 24: Fungible
May 10: AVMs to Finally Replace Appraisers?
May 8: Appraiser Q&A- Supporting Adjustments
April 26: I Messed Up (Really!)
April 12: 2017 Tech Insights
March 22: AQB Digs In: College Degree, Experience Requirements to Change
March 1: AMC Fined for Removing Appraiser from Panel
February 15: Express Yourself
February 1: Fees Rising! (New Fee Survey asks how much)
January 18: Appraiser Shortage or Just Fed Up?
January 4: Training Success Stories
December 28: Customary and Reasonable: Measuring the New Normal
December 14: Common Appraisal Errors
December 7: Insurance IQ: Driving to Work
November 30: Sharpening Skills: Are Granny Flats Undervalued?
November 16: Drones for Appraisal Use
November 9: What’s Your (Appraisal) Problem?
October 26: Latest AQB Proposal on College Degree, Experience Requirements
October 12: Disciplinary Process – How It Works, Your Rights & Likely Outcomes
September 28: Too Busy? Turning Away Work? Get Help!
September 21: Do Your Math (and Raise Your Fees)
September 14: Training the Next Generation
September 7: Five Steps to Growing an Appraisal Firm
August 31: Dispelling Myth of Appraiser Shortage
August 24: Making Case for an Appraiser’s Judgment
August 17: How Do you Tell an Appraiser from an Agent?
August 3: Insurance IQ
July 27: A Little Marketing Here and There
July 20: Extraordinary Assumption or Hypothetical Condition?
July 6: Real Estate Fraud – What’s an Appraiser to Do?
June 22: Time Adjustments
June 15: TAF Considers Skipping Experience Requirement
June 8: Time Has Come Today
June 1: True Cost of Low Appraisal Fees
May 19: AQB Proposes Alternative to College Degree Requirement
May 11: Repurchase Demands and Unacceptable Appraisal Practices – Part 2
April 27: Words That Matter
April 13: Future of Appraisers Survey
March 30: College Degree Requirement Misguided
March 16: Wash. AMC Fails, Leaves Appraisers Unpaid
March 11: Repurchase Demands and Unacceptable Appraisal Practices – Part 1
March 2: Late Appraisal: USPAP Violation?
February 17: The Decline of Appraisers
February 10: Legal Doom
February 3: Appraisers Win $36 Million Class Action
January 27: Getting Neighborhood Description Right
January 22: AMC Fined Over C&R Fees
January 20: Working Well with AMCs
January 6: USPAP: Shifting (Quick) Sand for Appraisers
December 21: Wildfires and Appraisers
December 8: Search Parameters and the Best Comparables
November 24: Mapping for Success with Google
November 23: Giving Thanks (and Giving Back) to Our Veterans
November 13: Incorrect Reporting of Sales & Listing Data in Appraisal Reports
November 10: Contributory Market Value Riddle
November 4: What the Appraisal Foundation Thinks
October 30: Appraiser/Whistleblower Wins $85 Million
October 28: Understanding USPAP – Part Three: SR-2
October 14: Claims, Complaints and E&O Insurance
September 30: Future of Valuation
September 25: Observe, Analyze and Report- In that Order
September 16: What Appraisers Keep Getting Wrong
September 9: TRID: What’s It Mean for Appraisers?
September 2: Why Your Words Matter (in your appraisal)
August 26: Appraiser Landmark $36 Million Settlement with BoA
August 19: Appraising Lake Property
August 10: Facing License Denial, Coester Sues Virginia Board
August 5: How Much Are You Worth?
July 29: What if it Can’t be Supported? Your Value as a Local Expert
July 22: Understanding USPAP Part 2: SR – 1
July 1: Road to Supporting Value: Ranking & Reconciliation
June 17: Are You a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Appraiser?
June 8: First Enforcement of C&R Fee Provision: Louisiana Makes History
June 3: Bank’s Letter to Appraiser Started Off With…
May 20: Appraisers Entitled to Overtime, Court Holds
May 11: Blacklisting Lawsuit Continues
May 6: Supporting Market Conditions Adjustments
April 27: Lies, Damn Lies… and FMNA ‘statistics’
April 22: Appraising with Regression
April 8: AMC’s – Bridge Too Far?
March 25: Understanding USPAP – The Preamble
March 11: Extracting an Adjustment – One Way To Measure
February 25: Appraiser Efficiency in the New World of CU
February 11: Life After the New CU System
February 3: Collateral Underwriter: First Feedback
January 27: Taking Success Into My Own Hands
January 20: Collateral Underwriter – Too Much Too Soon
January 14: Fannie Mae Warning Letters on the Rise
December 17: Oregon Board Sanctions AMC
December 3: USPAP, Retrospective Appraisals and the Titanic
November 19: Troubling Times at Fannie Mae
November 5: Case Closed: Appeal Dropped in ESA/Chase Bankruptcy
October 29: Appraisers, AMCs & Building Bridges
October 22: Complaints: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
October 8: Adjustments: Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
September 24: Review Appraisal Liability
September 17: HUD Blacklisting: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
September 10: Appraisal Board Sanctions AMC for Late Payment
August 27: Highest and Best Use Analysis
August 20: Board Complaints: You Can’t Fight City Hall…Or Can You?
August 13: Blacklisted for Refusing Low Fees
July 31: 12,346 Appraisal Failures Every Week
July 22: Green Building – How Can We Know Value?
July 16: Court Certifies Class and Approves Nationwide Class Settlement for Review Appraisers
July 2: Overseas AMC Staff: Could I Speak to “Villiam?”
June 18: So You Want to Increase Business…
June 4: Trainees, Employees and How to Build a Business
May 28: State Board Moves to Curb Frivolous Complaints
May 21: Training the Future
May 7: Customary and Reasonable Fee Data Revisited
April 30: We Need to Do What? Verifying AMC Licensing
April 23: Smoking Gun Allows Appraiser to Sue over Blacklisting
April 9: New Pressure: Agents Filing Complaints
March 26: Importance of Good Scope of Work
March 21: “Paperless” Appraising
March 12: Fannie Mae’s “Do Not Use” List
February 26: Top 5 Questions Asked of Appraisers and How to Answer
February 13: You Only Have to Make 700+/- Decisions in the Next Six Hours
February 5: Fighting Appraisal Board Complaints
January 26: Victory for Customary and Reasonable Fees in Louisiana
January 16: OCC: Lenders Responsible for AMCs
January 1: Beware of Consent Decrees
December 2013: Positive Resolution to Chase Blacklisting Saga
December 2013: “Low Bid” Appraisal – AMC Rebuttal
December 2013: “Low Bid” Appraisal Ordering and Its Effect on Quality
November 2013: Conversation with Fannie Mae
November 2013: Feds to Reconsider Customary and Reasonable Fees – Maybe
November 2013: What Appraisers Can’t Do
October 2013: Six Ways to Stay Out of Trouble
October 2013: Estimating Physical Deterioration
October 2013: Appraiser Independence Survey Results
October 2013: Appraisal Advisor Announcement
September 2013: How to Find Success in Today’s Market
September 2013: Why Value is Not an Exact Number
September 2013: Appraiser Independence and the Survey that Never Was
August 2013: Pressure Alive and Well: Stearns Lending Sued by Ex-Chief Appraiser
August 2013: Home Builders White Paper: Appraisers are Idiots
August 2013: Estimating Functional Obsolescence
July 2013: About “Low” Appraisals
July 2013: Appraiser Wins “AMC-Agent” Judgment Against One-West Bank
July 2013: Expert Witness – Knowing the Property Better than Anyone
July 2013: Bankruptcy Court Absolves Chase of All Liability
June 2013: Chase Denies Responsibility for Bankrupt AMC Debt
June 2013: “Checkbox Chimps” and Review Appraisals
May 2013: Low Fee Solution – Cost-Plus AMC Model?
May 2013: New Business – Insurance Replacement Valuation
April 2013: Why you Should Check your Online Licensing Information
April 2013: Stop Stealing my Services
April 2013: AMC “Recovery Fund” for Appraisers First of Its Kind
March 2013: Meteors, Appraisers and Change
March 2013: One Appraiser’s Solution to Getting Paid
March 2013: Interview – Appraiser Who Brought Down Countrywide
February 2013: Fed Says: High Quality Appraisals or Else
February 2013: Scope Creep
February 2013: Why Appraisers Get Sued
January 2013: Results: How Reasonable Are Appraisal Turn Times? (And is Quality Effected?)
January 2013: AMC Fails: Appraisers Stiffed Again
January 2013: Evaluation – Tapping “New” Source of Business
December 2012: Dealing Effectively with Complaints: When the State Comes Calling
Nov 2012: Wells Fargo Paying JVI Bad Debt
Nov 2012: VA Recruiting Appraisers Nationwide
October 2012: Calculating Diminution of a Contaminated Property
October 2012: How to Work Successfully with AMCs
Sept 2012: Land Value: Extraction Method
Sept 2012: Finding Your Appraisal Efficiencies
August 2012: Can You Disclose Fees to Public?
August 2012: Fund to Help Family of Appraiser Slain in Aurora Tragedy
August 2012: Chase Challenges USPAP
August 2012: Pressure, Subtle Influence, and Plausible Deniability
July 2012: Appraisers Talk, Congress Listens
July 2012: From Publisher: Appraisers Turn Corner
June 2012: Making Reasonable and Appropriate Adjustments
June 2012: Merging Appraisal Practices
May 2012: Pros and Cons of Non Lender Work
May 2012: Suspension Merry-Go-Round
April 2012: Fighting Your Way Off a Blacklist
April 2012: Lender’s Choice: Violate USPAP or Blacklisted
March 2012: When Nice Guys Finish Last (Uptick in AMC Complaints)
March 2012: Lender Paying Appraisers Stiffed by AppraiserLoft
February 2012: Mobile Appraising: Saving Both Time and Money
February 2012: Diversifying: Consulting-Feasibility Studies
February 2012: Liability Follow Up: Sweating the Small Stuff?
February 2012: Appraisers Heard at Highest Levels in Washington, D.C.
January 2012: 1,000 Appraisals a Year: Realities of Appraiser Liability
January 2012: Customary and Reasonable Fees-Still Breathin’
December 2011: Customary and Reasonable Fees
December 2011: FNC Data Mining Lawsuit Settles Quietly
December 2011: Success Collecting AMC Debt from Lender
Nov 2011: AMC Bad Debt – Lenders Responsible?
Nov 2011: Making AMCs Pay Up
October 2011: Open Letter to Feds, Banks, Citizens/Taxpayers
October 2011: Building Business: What’s Next?
Sept 2011: Understanding State Board Enforcement
Sept 2011: C&R Fees: Why it isn’t Working… Yet
August 2011: Housing Collapse: Whose Fault?
August 2011: UMDP/UAD: Road to Ruin?
August 2011: How to be an Expert Witness
July 2011: Why Appraisers Should Pat Themselves on Back
July 2011: Appraiser Power: State Coalitions Now Forming
June 2011: State Watch: Regulating AMCS
June 2011: Comp Request or Value Pressure?
May 2011: AMCs: Under their Skin
May 2011: Insurance Insight and Advice from Inside
April 2011: C&R Fees: Winds of Change?
April 2011: More “How to” Challenging Low Fees
March 2011: Challenging Low Fees
March 2011: Customary Fees: Good News?
March 2011: Fed Board Update: Customary and Reasonable Fees
February 2011: Growing Business: Giving Clients What They Need
February 2011: Appraising Outside the Banks: Public Projects
January 2011: Depositions and Court Testimony
January 2011: Your Future: Appraisal Foundation Raising the Bar
April 2010: Fighting for HVCC Reform: Mr. Ernst Goes to Washington