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Published by OREP, E&O Insurance Experts | May 29, 2014

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State appraisal organizations are key battlegrounds for new solutions and future regulations

In an effort to further promote appraisal advocacy, we've developed a new Community Partnerships Program for state and national appraisal organizations.  The program will help them grow their memberships, lower membership costs, gain visibility, and more.
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See why appraisers are switching to TOTAL. Click here to see how you can switch for free.

Join us in Jackson or Baton Rouge

We've taken our popular two-day Mobile Workshop and condensed it into a one-day event.  You'll learn how to ditch the clipboard, have hands-on experience with a variety of devices, and leave having done a mobile sketch of a complex property from start to finish. 

Our next sessions are in Jackson, MS, or Baton Rouge, where the course has been approved for seven hours of Continuing Education credit by Louisiana (LREAB).  Read more


Bring ACI and ClickFORMS™ data into TOTAL

If you recently switched to TOTAL (or you're just considering it), you'll probably want to bring your files and data from your old software with you.  With TOTAL's Competitor Conversion plugin, you can transfer ACI and ClickFORMS files and data in just seconds.  Read more


Using GPS to prevent inaccurate geocoding

Geocode errors in rural areas or new construction are systemic to many formfillers and map providers.  TOTAL for Mobile offers a simple solution to correcting the location data quickly and without having to reposition your map balloons.  Read more


"I've done 30 appraisals on the iPad, without a clipboard."

"I wanted to let you know that I started using TOTAL for Mobile on my iPad about a week after the Mobile Workshop in Sacramento.  I have about 30 appraisals now done on the iPad without the clipboard...  For the last 4 appraisals this week, I have been taking photos with the iPad camera.  Plus, after sketching, going to the rooms, adding key information, and taking a photo, which then goes right into the report.  It all works great and I still have additional photos on the iPad that don't automatically go into the report. This means no camera hanging around the neck. It makes it so much easier to walk around with just the iPad and DISTO."
— William Brush, William C. Brush Appraisals

Click here to learn more about TOTAL for Mobile, our free app for iOS and Android™.  Or, sign up for one of our upcoming Mobile Workshops here.



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