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Risk Management: Strategies for Avoiding Complaints

Risk Management Strategies for Avoiding Complaints By Alan Carson Good home inspectors don’t get complaints. We thought we might catch your attention with that opening sentence! Actually, we believe that all home inspectors get complaints eventually. Why? There are several reasons but part of the answer may lie in our definition of a home inspection,… Read More

Spring Cleaning: A Business Refresher

Editor’s Note: Even in these go-go times it pays to keep on eye on the bottom line. Noted author and long-time appraiser Lloyd Manning takes it down a notch to revisit some business basics. Spring Cleaning: A Business Refresher Lloyd R. Manning To run a successful appraisal or home inspection practice you must do several… Read More

State of the Art Mold Test Now Available

State of the Art Mold Test Now Available Lighthouse Laboratories is now providing state-of-the-art DNA testing for Stachybotrys Chartarum (toxic or black mold) through the collection of a simple dust sample. The test uses real time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) methodologies developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The DNA test is considered highly… Read More

Avoiding Complaints: Are You Doing All You Can?

Avoiding Complaints Are You Doing All You Can? The following is excerpted from the Liability Reporter, a risk management e-newsletter for real estate home inspectors and appraisers published by the Organization of Real Estate Professionals (www.OREP.org). Home Inspector Checklist* 1. Do you always obtain a signed pre-inspection agreement from the client? 2. Does your pre-inspection… Read More